5 Beyond Obvious Consequences of Ponding Water on Your Commercial Roof

Properly designed roofs will have a downward slope that drains water after snow or rain. Even flat structures have a slight slope to prevent “ponding,” which is when water remains on your roof a few days after rain or snow.

If you happen to notice this phenomenon occurring on your commercial building, Houston commercial roofing services can tell you that you’ve potentially got more problems than just a faulty roof. Below are a few of the consequences that may result from ponding.

Ice Damage

When pounding occurs over a long period, the water could freeze and cause severe structural damage. It’s especially likely to occur during winter months, when water may freeze and unfreeze often, which compromises the structure’s membrane. In this case, commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX would need to conduct some repairs ASAP.

While you may not see too much ice on your commercial roofing in Houston, Texas, it could still happen because the region gets the occasional freezing temperatures. It’s better to be on the safe side by checking after each storm.


If your commercial roofing in Houston, TX is a light color, ponding could cause some discoloration. We’re familiar with the colors stagnant water can be; just imagine that on your roof! If you’ve used reflective materials, they could also be worn and damaged. Commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX often see this type of damage since it doesn’t take too long for ponding to have this effect.


Stagnant water is often attractive to birds, so if you don’t address the problem, you could find the top of your commercial property covered in bird nests and excrement. After clearing out the birds, you’ll most likely need to contact commercial roofing in Houston, TX to finish the repair work.


Like birds, insects are drawn to water. Mosquitos often show up around stagnant water, among other insects, and have the potential to cause harm to your business. If you don’t get rid of them ASAP, these insects could very well move from the roof to the inside of your commercial building. At best, it would be annoying, and at worst, you would need to pay to have them exterminated. While commercial roofing in Houston, TX can’t help you with the extermination, it certainly can help prevent you from needing it in the first place.

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Even if you don’t have an actual “pond” forming, moisture is enough to allow algae, grasses, and weeds to thrive on your roof. The vegetation won’t be aesthetically pleasing and can cause debris to clog your drains, which has the potential to damage your roof and require expensive repairs.

Drain Your Pond Today

It’s always best to be safe and schedule inspections on a semi-annual basis with Houston commercial roofing service to ensure your building is in great condition. It may seem like a lot to maintain your commercial roofing in Houston, TX, but it’s certainly better than waiting until the damage becomes expensive.




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