A Look Into Skylights — Commercial Roof Safety & Leak Prevention

Commercial spaces should be bright, welcoming, and open. This creates an area where employees and customers alike will look forward to spending time in. This is when Houston commercial roofing choices become a valuable business decision.

Choosing skylights from Houston commercial roofing services brings in the benefits of lower electricity costs and natural light. However, like any business choice, it comes with risks. Commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX can attest to the devastating fatalities in the roofing trade that arise from falling through a skylight.

If you choose to invest in a skylight, make sure you are educated on skylight safety. This includes limiting access and more tactics we share here!

What Is a Skylight?

A skylight is a window or light-transmitting structure made of translucent or transparent glass. It forms either all of or just part of a roof in the building for ventilation and daylight purposes. It can be installed with the roof and is a popular choice for commercial roofing in Houston, Texas.

Commercial Roofing in Houston Safety Steps

While the easiest way to maintain safety with your skylight is to limit roof access, there are a few other safety steps you can follow.

  • Build a rooftop map to document all roof penetrations, like HVAC units and skylights.
  • Do not paint skylights the same as the roof — you want the skylight to stand out and be easy to spot!
  • Check where skylights are from the inside of the building.
  • Install guards around skylights with the help of your Houston commercial roofing services provider.
  • Ensure anyone working near the skylights — including commercial roofing contractors of Houston, TX — is well-briefed and follows OSHA requirements.

Commercial Roof Skylight Leaks Causes

In addition to the physical safety issues of skylights, there are also structural risks if they are not properly maintained. Skylights penetrate the roof and increase the opportunity for water intrusion, causing leaks and other issues.

  • If the skylight is cracked, you are looking at a prime water intrusion situation.
  • Replace or eliminate the issue immediately with the help of commercial roofing in Houston, TX.
  • Always opt for long-term fixes rather than short-term solutions — regular maintenance now will extend the life of your skylight.
  • If the perimeter around the structure is damaged, seek repairs to stop water intrusion.
  • If the area has significant dry rot, a replacement may be required.

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Contact Commercial Roofing in Houston, Texas Today

With the help of commercial roofing in Houston, you can incorporate excellent building enhancement into your space. This will brighten the building and let natural light flood in — ultimately lowering energy costs. However, always take the proper safety measures to keep the people and building secure.

If you are building a new space or simply revitalizing an existing roof, contact commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX for expert assistance. Knowing the ins and outs of skylights and how to stay safe while doing it will help you be successful!




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