Best Quality Commercial Roof Warranties

The best way to get the most out of Houston commercial roofing warranties is to understand what they offer and how they work. That way, you can hire reputable commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX and guarantee their work.

Warranties for commercial roofing in Houston, Texas vary depending on several factors. They may differ in what they cover and the reason for doing so or not. Let’s discover how the most common warranties work.

Manufacturer Material Warranties

Warranties from the manufacturer typically boast they’ll last for 20 to 30 years. This can be deceptive to customers as one may assume this cover includes leaks. The truth is that they do not. The guarantee is only for defects with the materials themselves.

These covered problems may include premature degradation, chipping, or flaking. The manufacturer will consider honoring a warranty for degradation that is not usual. The material showing signs of wear over time is to be expected; they will likely not entertain replacement requests.

Manufacturers with this type of warranty rarely payout for any deterioration that is not ‘unusual’.

Manufacturer Labor Warranties

Houston commercial roofing services are not just about the materials but also the labor. Warranties for labor are offered by contractors certified by manufacturing establishments to install their products. This type of warranty is the best a Houston commercial roofing client can get.

This is because:

  • Large Houston commercial roofing manufacturers are unlikely to close their doors. Smaller contractors come and go, so if they go out of business before your warranty is up, you could miss out on cashing in on a warranty. If your guarantee is based on the manufacturer’s promises, you’re safe.
  • The manufacturer functions as a third-party inspector. They are liable for any roof warranty claims. They send out one of their trained technicians to check on installation. Property owners can then rest assured that commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX are held accountable to industry standards by the manufacturer.

Contractor Workmanship and Labor Guarantees

A labor warranty stands as a standard of work. It also places the responsibility for the work on the contractor. If the job done does not last long after a repair is made, then the warranty covers the re-doing of the repairs.

Sometimes this type of cover includes the entire roof, and sometimes it only applies to the area a contractor worked on. It’s crucial to read your roof guarantee carefully to understand how it works and what precisely is covered.

Guarantee Exclusions

At a glance, it may seem that roof warranties from commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX are all-inclusive. However, if you read the fine print, you’ll see they don’t cover everything.

Typically, a manufacturer or contractor warranty will likely not include damage caused by the weather, trees falling on the roof, pooling water, etc. This is why you also need to have insurance.

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Find a Warranty for Your Houston Commercial Roofing

As you can see, warranties can be a tricky business. Contractors may not be able to deliver on their promises if they go out of business, and manufacturers are particular about what they will cover. Therefore, it’s best to do intensive research before employing a contractor and picking a manufacturer’s product.



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