Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips When Reopening for Business in Houston, TX

During this past year, many businesses were closed and anxiously waiting to reopen. If you’re a local Houston, Texas company that’s now fully reopened, you must be excited to get back to normal.

But it’s also important to protect the employees and customers in your business by doing some necessary maintenance work to your commercial property.

One thing you can’t neglect is the roof. We recommend scheduling an examination by local commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX, to guarantee no issues with the business’s structural integrity. However, you can do several other things to make sure your roof is in pristine condition.

Here are our best tips for reopening your commercial business in Houston with a like-new roof.

Inspect Roof From the Inside

With commercial roofing in Houston, Texas, you want to make sure you are paying attention to your ceiling for any water stains — this could be a sign of leakage. If you notice water droplets or puddles forming, this is a sure sign water damage is starting to occur.

This issue needs to be taken care of immediately. It could lead your business to suffer a mold issue or a lingering odor. Mold is severe and could lead to health risks, especially if your workers have an unknown mold allergy.

Make sure to seek out help from a professional technician who specializes in commercial roofing in Houston, TX. In addition to the inside, they will be able to check the outside too. Houston commercial roofing services can check for any signs of leaks such as ponding, bubbles, or damaged roof flashing.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Most commercial roofing is flat roofing, with no slope for water to escape. That could create pooling, unwanted moisture, and molding. You should regularly have your roof cleaned and remove unwanted debris from lingering. This debris could pile up and allow water to become trapped on your roof.

You should contact contractors in Houston, Texas, annually for a cleaning, especially after a severe storm. Large pieces of debris should be removed by professionals who regularly handle commercial roofing in Houston. They will know the best removal methods and have the credentials to navigate your business’ littered roof safely.

You can also get in touch with the local Emergency Management office to prepare for hurricane season’s aftermath and debris.

Only Allow Professional to Walk on the Roof

Commercial maintenance is risky if you are not a trained contractor. Walking on the roof can significantly reduce life expectancy and lead to worse damage on the roof.

With conventional flat roofing, walking around could damage the outermost waterproofing layer. Repeated foot traffic could also compress any insulation underneath the waterproof layer.

Never allow employees to walk on the roof unless accompanied by a professional. Leave the high roofs and hazardous walkthroughs to the professional commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX.

Receive Regular Roof Inspections

Proper commercial maintenance can do wonders in preventing costly roofing damages in the future. Commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX can spot leaking or sagging that an untrained eye might not be able to see.

With at least one yearly maintenance checkup (although we recommend two), you will maximize your investment in TPO roofs. This will extend its life expectancy, and your company will be less likely to need to pay for a commercial reroof.

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With a fully re-opened business, a routine maintenance visit from commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX, will help you to avoid costly repairs. Only contractors specialized in commercial roofing in Houston should be on your business’ roof for safety and precautionary measures.

You may only need maintenance as simple as a few roof coatings and a few shingle replacements, or you may be looking at something more serious. No matter what, keep in mind that roof maintenance is meant to protect your employees and customers. Many Houston commercial roofing companies are willing to get your roof in good condition for a reasonable price — you just have to start looking!



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