Commercial Roofing in Houston Texas: How To Protect Your Building

The roofs of Houston businesses can face a unique range of challenges due to the extreme weather across the state. Commercial maintenance can be expensive and, if not done correctly, can cause damage to the building and risk to other people.

Whether you’re looking for information about a commercial reroof, flat roofing, or roof coatings, read on to get the best insight into Houston commercial roofing.

Common Issues with Commercial Roofing in Houston

It’s crucial to understand what issues to look out for when figuring out how best to protect your commercial roofing in Houston, TX. Some problems are unavoidable, but the right actions can reduce their risk of occurring. The following are some of the most widespread issues with commercial roofing in Houston, Texas.

Wind Damage

Texas may bring to mind bright sunny skies, but it can also have a wide range of extreme weathers, including intense winds and tornadoes. On average, 139 tornadoes occur in Texas every year, which can cause loose tiles, holes in the roof, or broken gutters.

Commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX take this extreme weather into account and recommend appropriate materials or structures to prevent wind-related damage. Whether the building has flat roofing or TPO roofs, it must have adequate wind protection.

Inquire about wind protection with your contractor and reduce the risk of parts of the roof coming loose, leading to damage and injuries.

Sun Problems

Frequent exposure to the sun can cause roofing to degrade faster.

Commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX know how to manage the hot weather and can provide roof coatings to protect your building, such as TPO roofs. These will reduce the need for a frequent commercial reroof.

Heat Issues

Houston’s highest recorded temperature was 106 Fahrenheit, so it’s no wonder that heat can cause so many issues for commercial roofing in Houston, Texas. One of the critical Houston commercial roofing services you should look into is proper insulation.

Insulation will prevent your HVAC system from overworking and save heating costs in the winter. Energy-efficient roofs can save thousands of dollars in electricity. Commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX will be able to advise you on the best type of insulation for your building.

Popular Types of Roof Protection in Houston

For companies considering a commercial reroof, it can be challenging to know which type of roofing is best. Understanding which types of roofs are most common and why will allow business owners to make the best choice.

Although commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX can help building owners to pick the best roof for them, the following are some of the most common materials to consider.


Metal is one of the most common methods of roof protection. Many types of metal can work for roof protection, including tin, aluminum, and reinforced steel. A coating can prevent the metal from rusting.

Single Ply

Single Ply membranes are rubber sheets chemically or mechanically fastened to the roof surface. They’re lightweight and prove high levels of protection from sun damage and issues like acid rain.

Spray Foam

Many buildings use Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) to protect their roofs. This spray expands into foam, which protects the primary roof material below.

SPF is beneficial when it comes to maintenance. Used properly, it can reduce the need for repairs and prolong the life of a roof.

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Enjoy a Problem-Free Roof

Commercial maintenance can seem like a difficult task, but understanding common issues helps building owners to predict and manage them.

It’s always a good idea to seek a professional opinion before making any significant changes to your roof. Knowing the most common issues and how to fix them lets owners enjoy their commercial roofing in Houston, Texas.



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