Is Your Commercial Flat Roof Ready for Rain in Houston, TX?

The cold snaps have come and gone, but it’s time for the winds and rain. Is your Houston commercial roofing ready for it?

Just because your flat roofing isn’t visibly showing trouble spots doesn’t mean it won’t need a little TLC (or possibly commercial maintenance).

Even with durable, flat commercial roofing, Houston, Texas rainfall can still expose roof vulnerabilities the inexperienced eye can miss — leaving you to deal with expensive water damage.

To help you avoid damage altogether, here’s a complete guide on preparing your commercial roofing in Houston, TX, for upcoming storms. We’ll cover ways you can prevent water damage and get your roof ready for the rainy seasons so you don’t have to worry about future headaches this year.

The Importance of Prepping Your Roofing

Neglecting your commercial roofing? Houston, TX, we have a problem!

Leaving your roof susceptible to the rainy season can lead to a whole mess of expensive problems, such as:

  • Water damage can cause mold in your building’s interior, which impacts air quality and the overall building condition.
  • You may have to shut down business operations to fix the issue, costing you time and money.
  • Your insurance company may not have your back, blaming you for negligence. Always report your damages right away to prevent this.

Now that we’ve scared you a bit, we’re ready to advise on preventing the horrors listed above.

Flat Roofing Checklist — Be Ready for Rain!

Not knowing what to look for is a recipe for missing damage spots, leaving you with a full commercial reroof rather than quick commercial maintenance.

Remaining proactive is important, and the following checklist will help you keep your Houston commercial roofing in quality condition.

Examine Your Roof for Debris

Inclement weather and winds can bring debris straight up to the top of your roof.

Don’t let that junk sit there.

If you can, use your roofing’s specific walkways and check for debris that could block water flow. If this isn’t possible, then enlist in professional Houston commercial roofing services for a thorough clean.

Clean Your Gutters

Of course, you want to make sure your flat roofing can divert water to the ground. The best way to ensure this happens?

Clean out your gutters!

Commercial roofing in Houston needs this chore done on a relatively frequent basis. And you’ll definitely need to do it before the rainy season.

If this isn’t a project you have time for or can safely perform, we recommend outsourcing to trusted commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX.

Inspect Flashing Around Pipes & Vents

Every roof needs well-maintained flashing to keep water from specific areas of your roof (especially vents and pipes). Make sure you’re checking those areas of your commercial roofing; Houston, TX roofs can become more like shallow ponds if your flashing is damaged.

Check to ensure your flashing’s sealant intact and that it hasn’t dried out or lost elasticity, leaving room for leaks. You’ll also want to inspect its overall condition. If the flashing is warped or cracked, you’ll need to reach out to professional commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX.

Keep An Eye Your Roof Surface

You’ve been examining every crack and crevice, but make sure you’re inspecting the full surface itself. Look along the membrane for scratches, cracks, discoloration, and general deterioration.

Even the smallest ding can lead to worse issues over time. Stop potential disasters in their tracks by performing commercial maintenance tasks, and as a result? You’ll extend your roof’s lifespan.

Upgrade If Necessary

A few additions to your roof may be the best leak prevention you can invest in.

Adding on silicone roof coatings is a cost-effective solution for preventing leaks. Plus, certain coatings are tax-deductible in their first year.

If you’d like a more heavy-duty solution, then TPO roofs offer protection against water and increase flat roofing durability thanks to their synthetic membrane.

Learn more about Pros and Cons of Roof Coatings

Bottom Line

If you’ve learned anything from this guide, remember that your commercial roofing in Houston, Texas, can’t handle the heavy rain that comes throughout the year in the Lone Star state.

To make sure your flat roofing is performing at its best, enlist the help of reliable commercial roofing contractors and cross off each item on the checklist above.



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