When It Comes to Commercial Roof Quotes, Size Matters

Perhaps you’ve just gotten a quote for your Houston commercial roofing. Or you’re anticipating a quote from one of the commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX. Either way, you’re probably wondering why the quotes for your company’s roof are as expensive as they are.

One of the most decisive factors is the size of your roof. When pricing a job, a contractor will base their quote on the size alongside other various. Let’s take a look at the variety of characteristics your contractor looks at when pricing your new commercial roofing in Houston.

Why Size Matters

As mentioned, size is one of the most critical factors in the price of your new commercial roofing in Houston, TX. But why? The size of your roof actually affects several parts of the installation process.

More Materials

The larger your roof, the more new roof materials it requires. The cost of materials will trickle down to you and will show up in your total cost. Whether the company handling your Houston commercial roofing services charges at actual cost or marked-up prices, more materials mean a bigger roof quote.

Additional Labor

Just as you want your project finished quickly, commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX also want jobs done in a timely fashion. But a bigger roof will take longer to install.

To get a bigger roof done, companies will need to pay contractors for additional hours. They may even need to hire more contractors to get the job done swiftly.

Other Price Factors

As you can see, between materials and labor, a bigger roof will mean a bigger price tag for your commercial roofing in Houston, Texas. But what else affects the price? Take a look at these additional components.


Different areas of the country require different R-values of insulation. So for a roof in Texas, you could be looking at one of three different R-values. The more insulation required depending on where your company is, the higher the price.


Some commercial roofing in Houston, TX is so high that there may be different requirements for contractors. A crane may be necessary to access the roof. Or your commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX may even need to secure ties during the job.

The accessibility issues can result in a higher bill for you. That’s because it affects the cost of operations and is a more dangerous job for the contractors.

Roof Decking

Your deck is what holds up your roof and ensures contractors can safely work on your commercial roofing in Houston, Texas. So if your deck has become compromised by rust or rot and can’t handle new materials, this could require far more structural work than if it was in good condition.

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Conclusion — Houston Commercial Roofing Services Pricing

If it’s time to replace your Houston commercial roofing, many features of your current roof will affect the price. So once you get a quote from one of the commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX, don’t be surprised if the price is higher due to factors you’ve never noticed before!




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