4 Best Ways To Terminate Commercial Roofs

Termination is the finishing on the edge of a roof to protect it from the elements. This can be done by using a termination bar or a cover strip.

There are several ways to terminate your Houston commercial roofing, depending on the type you have, its size, and the materials it’s made from. It’s recommended that you contact Houston commercial roofing services to get advice on what termination method is best for you and figure out how much the installation will cost.

However, you’ll want to know what methods are available so that you can help determine which method you might prefer. Once you know your options, you can make a more informed choice. Read on to discover 4 of the best ways to terminate commercial roofs in Houston.

Option 1: Drip Edge with Cover Strip

A drip edge with a cover strip is one of the most popular options for Houston commercial roofing termination.

This option works by securing a metal edge to the roofing with fasteners and covering the fasteners with a waterproof cover strip that should prevent leaks from occurring.

However, this option does require an extra level of care during installation to ensure that leaks can’t occur. But once it’s installed, the option requires relatively little maintenance.

Option 2: Termination Bar

A termination bar is a frequently used option for Houston commercial roofing termination, as it is considered the cheapest option.

A termination bar attaches to the roofing above the gutter via fasteners that penetrate through the roof membrane and are sealed with caulk.

However, termination bars cannot guarantee long-term protection against moisture compared to other options. In addition, they offer little protection if a gutter backup problem causes a leak, and the caulk sealant will require regular maintenance to ensure it isn’t damaged or corroded.

This means that while affordable initially, it could cost more in repairs.

Option 3: TPO Coated Drip Edge with Welding

With welding, a TPO-coated drip edge is like a drip edge but with added protection.

It’s usually coated with plastics such as Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to ensure that it’s water-resistant.

The metal drip edge can be welded to the roofing to ensure total protection against rain and leaks.

However, this option isn’t the most affordable, it’s only available in white, and it is not easy to install. It’s best to speak to commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX to arrange an experienced contractor to complete the installation.

Option 4: Drip Edge Gutter Combination

A drip edge gutter combination is a single piece of tough Kynar-coated metal. It includes the drip edge and the gutter and is installed as a single unit fastened with screws.

One of the most common causes of costly water damage is when gutters become clogged and water leaks into the building through the roofing termination. This option avoids this problem as the gutter and termination are joined together, meaning that if the gutters get clogged, the water will not flow back into the building.

Contact Houston Commercial Roofing Services to Terminate Your Commercial Roof

Whichever terminating option you think is best for your Houston commercial roofing, contact Houston commercial roofing services to help terminate your roof.

Commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX will have the right skills and expertise to advise you on what roof termination is best for you and install it to a high standard.

Once installed, commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX can regularly inspect and repair your roofing to ensure it stays in good shape for years to come.

Contact commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX today to find out how to protect and enhance your Houston commercial roofing.




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