4 Interior Signs Of Roof Damage And Leaks

Your roof is the main source of protection for your business and its contents. However, even the smallest issue can cause damage and compromise the building and safety of the people inside.

That’s why if you see a leak, you must call a Houston commercial roofing company as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can double-check your property to ensure you indeed have a dangerous leak. Here are four interior signs of damage that make reaching out to companies that specializes in commercial roofing in Houston, TX, worth it.

1. Peeling or Blistered Paint

If your roof has a leak, it will inevitably enter your property and show subtle signs. When it rains, the water will flow into your property’s insulation through the beams and then seep onto ceilings and down the walls. As this process progresses, wall paint will begin to bubble and peel. Your business will also become humid and damp, leading to other issues, including mold and mildew.

Immediately contact your commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX, if you notice blistering or peeling paint, as they can locate the source of the leak and fix it quickly.

2. Mold and Mildew

Notice an increase of mold and mildew growing near your business’s windows or in the bathroom? You could have leak damage.

Mildew appears as a flat patch on surfaces with moisture and is typically gray or white in color. However, mold is an even bigger problem in business properties, as it can penetrate any area or surface it finds. It spreads fast across the wood panels and beams and breaks down the material as it grows. If a roof leak permeates an interior wall, it creates the perfect condition for mold to thrive.

Regardless of the type of bacteria you spot at your business, mold and mildewproduce allergens, irritants, and toxic substances. If your property is crawling with mold, you will inevitably inhale and touch the spores. It then can induce allergic reactions and even more sinister health problems such as asthma attacks. Therefore, it’s very harmful to customers and employees and an urgent cause of concern.

3. Rotting Beams

Another interior indication of a damaged roof is rotting attic and roof beams, which can also be detrimental to your health. If you notice more than one beam rotting, then the damage is significantly old. You will immediately require the professional expertise of commercial roofing in Houston, TX.

If this issue is not acted upon and repaired, you run the risk of your roof collapsing in the future.

4. Increasing Energy Bills

Commercial properties that have proper insulation can sustain the energy bills they produce. However, if you notice your costs rising rapidly, it could mean your insulation is compromised – and sometimes, roof leaks can be held accountable.

Calling on the help of commercial roofing companies in Houston TX will help you identify if a hole in your roof is causing the leaks. If you do not act on the problem early, the insulation will become damaged by the water, causing cool air to escape through the roof. As a result of damaged insulation, your AC unit will need to work twice as hard to cool the space, which leads to higher energy bills.

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Look After Your Business in Houston, TX

When it comes to looking after your business, your roof is a good place to inspect for any minor leaks, tears, or other damage. Commercial roofing in Houston, Texas, companies will fix any existing issues you may have and prevent them from getting worse. However, it’s up to you to notice the damage and call before the problem gets worse.

Be sure to regularly check for these interior signs and give your Houston commercial roofing company plenty of time to check out the property before disastrous results occur





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