7 Questions to Help Determine if a Restoration is Possible For Your Commercial Roof

Whether it’s due to water damage or general wear and tear, your home’s covering may not be in its peak condition. Restoration might be a more convenient solution than replacing your structure altogether. The former option can be cost-effective and inflict less disruption on your property.

Some commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX may recommend restoration, though not all structures qualify for the process. Below, you can study seven questions to determine if restoration is possible for your structure.

1. What Percentage of Insulation is Wet?

After a heavy storm or flooding that has caused damage to your roof, your insulation may have taken on water. There are a few ways you could choose to handle it that can help to determine whether your insulation is still viable.

Get in contact with commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TX. They will have all the equipment and expertise to inspect your structure and offer advice.

2. How Many Existing Roof Systems Are Present?

Depending on what system your roofing is using, restoration depends on the compatibility with the existing structure. Consider what is optimal for your current system, as well as its performance when it comes to durability.

3. What Percentage of the Scrim Is Exposed?

Scrim is a strong fabric that reinforces your roofing. Having it exposed to the elements weakens the chemicals that bond it together, lowering its structural integrity. Any company that specializes in commercial roofing in Houston, Texas can tell you whether your structure is restorable.

4. What Percentage of Fasteners Are Backing Out?

Fasteners can back out due to incorrect installation, pressure on the fastener heads, or even wind pressure working them loose. Backed-out fasteners are something that a contractor can fix during a restoration, but they may require an entire replacement.

5. Over What Percentage of the Roof Is There Ponding Water?

Ponding water is water that simply sits on top of your structure due to a lack of drainage. As a result, your structure may need a remodel to make the necessary changes to avoid this issue in the future. There are a variety of options for a new covering that can help manage your ponding problem. Houston commercial roofing companies can advise you further.

6. Are There Any Rusted Panels That Make The Roof Unsafe to Walk On?

Rusted panels that make your structure unsafe to walk on during an inspection are a clear sign that it requires work. If the rust has lowered the integrity of your structure as a whole, that’s what determines if your roofing is able to be restored.

7. Is There Presence of Aluminized Coating?

An aluminized coating on your roof can help it to stand up to weathering. Its presence, or lack of, can determine the future of your structure.

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Need Further Advice? Contact Houston Commercial Roofing Experts.

If taking all of this into consideration is still too much for you, you can always contact a professional. Reach out to a company that handles  commercial roofing in Houston, TX, and they can advise you further.




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