TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is an increasingly popular material among commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX. Since its introduction in Europe in the 1980s, this system has become a fast-growing choice in the U.S. market and is prized for being durable and affordable.

Should you consider TPO for commercial roofing in Houston? We’ve put together this guide to the advantages of TPO systems.

How Expensive Is TPO for Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX?

This solution is far cheaper than most conventional materials and is one of the cheapest of all membrane solutions in the U.S. As such, it is an attractive choice for companies looking to save money without compromising on quality.

If you’re interested in using a TPO system for your business, you should get in touch with Houston commercial roofing services to learn about the cost in your area.

How Do You Install TPO for Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX?

The availability of different installation methods makes these systems extremely versatile for Houston commercial roofing services. You’ll also enjoy the lower installation costs, saving your business more money.

Installation methods include:

  • Mechanical attachment, where the membrane bolts onto the structure of your building.
  • Adherence, where a powerful adhesive attaches the membrane to your building.
  • Ballast attachment, where gravel holds the membrane in place.

Regardless of what structure they’re going on, these systems have an easy and appropriate installation method available. Houston commercial roofing companies know how simple the process can be!

Is TPO Energy-Efficient for Commercial Roofing in Houston, Texas?

TPO systems are ideal for keeping heat out of buildings. This characteristic is especially important for Houston commercial roofing, as the intense summer heat can drive up your business’s HVAC bills and make the workplace uncomfortable. By installing one of these systems, you’ll make your workplace more energy-efficient and save money on energy bills.

The material is also recyclable, which makes it more environmentally friendly than many conventional materials. You’ll be enjoying all the benefits guilt-free and reducing your ecological footprint.

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How Durable Are TPO Systems Installed by Commercial Roofing Contractors in Houston, TX?

These systems are available in different thicknesses, but all are resistant to tearing and impact damage. A layer of scrim reinforces the membrane, which is a fabric mesh that offers substantial protection against the elements.

Given how affordable and easy to install these solutions are, they provide an excellent degree of protection and tend to be long-lasting compared to other membranes. This is a major reason for their popularity with Houston commercial roofing services.

Should You Get TPO Systems? The Bottom Line

TPO systems are cheap, durable, and can be installed on virtually any building. They’re an excellent solution for businesses looking for membrane solutions from commercial roofing companies in Houston, TX.



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