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A roof is one of the most vital elements of your home that, besides adding value to your property, keeps you and your family safe and comfortable. However, it’s surprising how often your roof is overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance and repairs. You may not know that your roof needs repair or upgrade until mold and mildew start growing on the ceiling or, even worse, water leaking straight into your living room.

Luckily, there’s always a way to fix such issues before the repairs become costly and complicated. Roof coating is one such maintenance procedure that can work magic with all roof types. Think of the old and rusty roofs that need instant repair, and the right roof coating will make it durable and even create a new look.

We believe there’s always a better, more cost-effective option for restoring your roof’s beauty and integrity, without incurring the extra cost.

Let’s quickly go over some of the main benefits of roof coating compared to roof replacement:

  • Saves Money – Roof coatings can potentially result in 40% in savings compared to roof replacement.
  • Less Disturbance – Due to the way we operate, we install roof coatings with minimal noise, without disturbing tenants or property owners in the process.
  • Save on Energy Bills – Since our product is UV reflective, a coated roof can potentially change the inside temperature by up to 10 degrees.
  • 20 Year Warranty – By using quality products from trusted manufacturers, we can offer warranties that last up to 20 years.
  • Better Protection – Unlike re-roofs or tear-offs, roof coating provides an additional layer of protection to help your roof last longer.
WE OFFERTrusted Roofing Services
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 50-Year Warranties
• Certified CertainTeed
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• R Panel Replacement
• Standing Seam Replacements
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Firestone & Mule-Hide
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Certified GE, Gaco & Firestone

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The essence of our roof coating services is to remodel your roof and extend the life to resist the forces of wear and tear. By applying a specific type of coat, your roof gets an extra layer enough to guard it against extreme weather conditions (i.e., hail).

While roof coating is a more generalized term, there are different types of coats that we can use on your roof, depending on many factors. We know you’ll potentially need help picking the right coat for your roof, and we’ll take you through the whole process step by step.

More often, we might also recommend adding a tint to the roof coating for aesthetic purposes. If you’re looking to incorporate an energy-saving aspect in your commercial building, white color will come in handy. Regardless of your unique taste, our team is well versed and will be glad to work out an energy-efficient plan to suit your needs.
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Choosing the best coating type for your roofing system can be a daunting experience. Even with the obvious options available, you still need to consider certain factors such as the roof’s condition, the reasons for installing a roof coating, climatic conditions in your area, and the existing drainage system. We’ll narrow down your options and choose the best coating material that will serve you for decades to come.

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