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For the majority of homeowners, roof replacement often comes with many dilemmas. The most crucial decision to make when looking for roofing experts to handle your roof replacement project is hiring the right personnel. Choosing the right roofing company assures that a quality roof replacement will be completed. Choosing low-end roofing contractors is a recipe for lousy quality and more roof repairs in the future.

However, how can you be sure that you are picking the right roofing company? The best place to begin your search is to ensure that the company has all the necessary documentation. The company should also provide evidence of how their services are different from other roofing companies.

Being among the best roofing companies, we invest in training our team, roofing processes, and equipment. We also have the necessary certification, and our roofing services are insured, which gives our customers peace of mind that they are engaging a reputable roofing company.

WE OFFERTrusted Roofing Services
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 50-Year Warranties
• Certified CertainTeed
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• R Panel Replacement
• Standing Seam Replacements
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Firestone & Mule-Hide
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Certified GE, Gaco & Firestone

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Experienced & ReliableCommercial and Residential Roof Installers Near You

If you are a commercial property owner, you must take care of the building to ensure your employees' safety. When you're installing a new roof, make it a point only to hire an expert.

The same goes for residential property. Don't rely on amateur companies, as even a single mistake can make or break the project. For new roof installation, there can be no better choice than TPO Pros Roofing and Restoration.

And in case you own an older property, and your roof is beyond repair, our experts will take a look at the property, and find the best solution. In extreme cases, you may have to restore your roof. But don't worry! It may seem like a complicated process, not for us. Thanks to our efficient team, we ensure the highest standards of services, with a complete guarantee of client satisfaction.

Equipped with a team of skilled and licensed professionals, and a friendly customer service team, we guide you through the roof installation process. We make sure that you don't have to take on any headache, and we deal with all the critical work with the utmost care and attention.

With years of experience in the industry, TPO Pros Roofing and Restoration has become a leading name in Houston and surrounding areas. So, if you need any roofing work, you know who to contact!
TPO Pros Roofing & Restoration

Need To Get Your Roof Installed or Replaced? Call Our Experts!

Be it roof installation or replacement; these are not very easy tasks. Therefore, don’t ever waste your hard-earned money on a random contractor. Choose the best company for your property, who will ensure durability and sturdiness for your roof, so that you can feel relaxed without worrying about a flimsy and unstable rooftop.

At TPO Pros, we offer premium services at an affordable price. We don’t charge exorbitant amounts of money from our customers, as we keep your best interest in mind. So, no matter what the issue is, you don’t need to panic. We are here to help! To schedule a service with us, give us a call on (866) 631-9728, or drop us an email at

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