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When you talk about roofing installation or replacement, the first question that comes to your mind is how to find the best contractor for your needs.

You will come across multiple roof installation companies, but not everyone possesses the industry’s necessary experience and expertise. To avoid any risk, you should hire a top company that will guarantee the quality of services.

If you’re in the Houston area and looking for a reliable roofing company to take up your project, you are in luck! TPO Pros Roofing and Restoration is here at your service. Thanks to our years of experience in this industry, we know what works best for your roof.

WE OFFERTrusted Roofing Services
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 50-Year Warranties
• Certified CertainTeed
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• R Panel Replacement
• Standing Seam Replacements
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Firestone & Mule-Hide
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Certified GE, Gaco & Firestone

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Hiring the right company is not a one-stop solution for your roofing needs. Some reputable roofing contractors have the habit of subcontracting roof replacements and repair projects to other companies. By doing this, most subcontracted companies fail to meet the clients' expectations. If the main contractor works on the roofing project, they will have the client's interest at heart, and won't work just to complete the project. There is also a possibility that the subcontracted company lacks sufficient roofing skills and knowledge to complete the project successfully.

Fortunately, hiring our team eliminates such doubts. We always aim at ensuring that our customers receive the highest possible standards. That aside, our roofing installation teams are headed by highly experienced project managers with all the necessary training, certification, and knowledge. You can always rely on them for an accurate roof assessment and guidance on the best way to achieve quality installation. The more our clients are satisfied with our work, the more they will recommend more clients. This makes it a win-win situation for our customers and us.
TPO Pros Roofing & Restoration

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Roof installation or replacement are not simple procedures. However, most homeowners don’t realize this as they can only see the shingles. If a roofing company does a shoddy work with other parts and excellently installs or replaces the shingles, homeowners might not raise complaints. Besides, it can be hard to tell if a roof has been installed poorly.

However, roofs are more than just shingles. For instance, you might have experienced leaking flashings due to poor installation. This causes leaks around the vents, chimneys, and skylights. Therefore, you should understand the specific details to look for once the roofing installation or repair is complete.

You can eliminate these worries by working with us. We guarantee you excellent roofing results all the time. Contact us by phone or online today!
Customer Reviews

"TPO PROS is an excellent and reliable company that we have used for the past six months. Scott and Tony came out and reviewed the leaks on a TPO roof and provided an estimate. They then returned the following week and fixed the leaks that were obvious. They returned after a few weeks to investigate two small leaks and performed a water test. The leaks were eventually detected, not directly on the roof, and they fixed these at no additional cost. I highly recommend TPO PROS for all your roofing needs."

- Raj K

"TPO Pros is a company who will truly provide their customers with value at a reasonable price and amazing service. I was struggling trying to find someone who could fix another contractors mess and I spoke to some people I knew and they recommended TPO Pros. I’m so grateful that TPO Pros were able to quickly fix my roofing problems"

- Verónica Herrera

"TPO Pros was fantastic to work with! Scott really explains the process in depth to help you understand it. The job was completed faster than quoted as well and I can’t reiterate how great the communication was from start to finish! If I could give a better rating I would. Overall, I highly recommend TPO Pros."

- Ashley McCreary


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