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Roof repair should be done from time to time for assured longevity of the roof. If you are planning to start repairing your roof, figuring out the project details shouldn’t be put on your shoulders. You should conduct a factual assessment to identify the need for roof repair. The best place to begin is determining why you need roof repair. Different homeowners have varying reasons. Some common reasons for roof repair include;

1. Due to storm damage

2. Following a strong hail

3. Extremely old roof

4. Poor initial quality

Understanding why you need a roof repair is crucial as it determines how you will cover the accrued costs of repair. For instance, roof repair necessitated by hail and storms will always be paid for by your homeowner’s insurance. Similarly, the contractor or roofing materials manufacturer will pay for roof repair with a valid warranty. On the other hand, if your roof repair is due to age, you might have to pay for the repair.

That said, it is important to get a diagnosis before starting the repair process. Therefore, the first step that a roofing company should do is an assessment on the roof. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this step by hiring our services. Our team comprises the best-trained and experienced roofing professionals. With them on-site, you can be sure of unbiased roof assessment.

We will comprehensively assess and evaluate your roof’s exact needs, recommend the best option, estimate the cost, and advise on who will finance the repair according to the situation.

WE OFFERTrusted Roofing Services
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 50-Year Warranties
• Certified CertainTeed
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• R Panel Replacement
• Standing Seam Replacements
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Firestone & Mule-Hide
• Roof replacements
• New Construction
• 20-Year NDL Warranties
• Certified GE, Gaco & Firestone

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For hail and storm damaged roofs, you need professional care immediately. If you're in Houston and the surrounding areas, TPO Pros Roofing and Construction is here to assist you.

If there's any visible damage, don't risk it. Talk to us as soon as possible, and we will provide a solution to all your roofing woes.

We understand that finding the right company is a tough job. But you don't have to fret– TPO Pros has years of experience in the industry. With a dedicated group of skilled servicemen and friendly customer service team by our side, we strive to offer the best services for your needs.
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Most homeowners are not sure if they should schedule a roof repair or opt for a completely new roof. This is why working with an honest, roofing company is essential. Unfortunately, some companies may not be interested in repairs; thus, they will make incorrect roof assessments to manipulate homeowners to pay for a roof replacement. That aside, some companies subcontract their assigned work, further lowering the quality of work.

We handle our projects individually, ensuring that our customers get what they expect. We are the best option if you need an accurate assessment of your roof and sequentially quality roof repair. Get in touch with us for an immediate assessment.

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