Standing Seam Roof Houston

Are you interested in exploring all the metal roofing options for your residential home in Houston, TX?Perhaps you’ve heard some buzz around standing seam metal roofing, and you want to know what all the fuss is about.

We’re here to tell you that standing seam metal roofs are a great choice. They’re durable, long-lasting, and can be a great investment for homeowners looking to protect their residential buildings.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a standing seam metal roof, remember that the Houston metal roofing experts at TPO Pros are only a phone call away. Read on below to learn more about what we do and the many benefits that come with installing standing seam metal roofs.

Standing Seam Roof Houston

All About TPO Pros

At TPO Pros, we understand that keeping your Houston, Texas home or residential property protected and safe from harm is your number one priority. That's why we offer all kinds of metal roofing services to meet all your possible needs.
Whether you're looking for a brand new metal roof or simple repairs, we guarantee there's no better choice than TPO Pros when you need a metal roofing company in Houston, TX. Not every roofing company specializes in standing seam installation, but our team has decades of experience crafting beautiful and elegant roofs with this specific process.

How Do Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems Compare to Classic Metal Roofing Systems?

The two most common metal roofs are standing seam metal roofs and those made of metal shingles, sometimes referred to as classic metal roofs. You may like the look of shingles, but all of our Houston metal roofing experts agree that standing seam roofs have more to offer than ordinary metal roofs.
Let's take a look at what makes standing seam roofs so desirable.
Standing Seam Roof Houston

Standing Seam Metal Roof

This roof uses concealed fasteners to keep each metal panel discreetly held in place. The concealed clips are the secret to the sleek appearance, creating a roof that features several vertical panels tightly connected. You will find standing seam construction on many architectural and corporate buildings.

Standing Seam Roof Houston

Classic Metal Roof

Those interested in a classic metal roof are usually looking for a traditional aesthetic because the panels resemble asphalt shingles. However, the panels don’t look as nicely arranged, and the seams aren’t as efficient, making it the poorer of these metal roofing options.

Why is Standing Seam Metal Roofing Right for Your Houston Home?

The benefits of standing seam roofing systems are numerous, and many homeowners all over Houston have been satisfied with this choice. In addition to its sleek and streamlined appearance, this roofing system has a plethora of more practical benefits as well. Here are three of the most common reasons to install a standing seam metal roof on your home.

Increased Durability

Standing Seam Roof Houston

It’s no secret that standing seam roofing is more durable than traditional shingles. It’s impressive how much damage these roofs can resist.

Longer Lifespan

Standing Seam Roof Houston

A standing seam roof will truly last for the long run. These durable roofs won’t need to be replaced as often as wooden shingles.

Standing Seam Roof Houston

Better Protection from Extreme Weather Conditions

Hurricane-force winds have nothing on a standing seam roof! These roofs can easily withstand strong winds, sun damage, and other common hazards.

Better Insulation

More effective seams mean better energy efficiency. You’ll see increased energy savings each month by keeping conditioned air in, making this metal roofing style a great investment.

Standing Seam Roof Houston

How Much Does a Standing Seam Roof Cost?

Standing Seam Roof Houston

The amount of material needed makes this more expensive than the classic model, at up to $17.50 per square foot. However, this upcharge is worth it for the durability, longevity, and efficiency you can’t get with fastener panels.

Why is Standing Seam So Expensive?

Standing Seam Roof Houston

Standing seam materials are not just higher quality and therefore more costly; they can require double the installation time you’d experience with metal shingles.

Additional contracted labor is required to install these panels one by one, unlike metal shingle roofing. You must also factor in the cost of tape sealants between each layer.

How Does a Standing Seam Metal Roof Compare to a Roof Made from Other Materials?

Out of all the options you have to choose from, a standing seam roof is an ideal choice for your private residence or commercial buildings. When compared with shingles, tile, and other substances, quality metal always outperforms the competition.
Let's take a look at a few places where other roof styles fall short of metal roofing systems.

Asphalt Shingles

Standing Seam Roof Houston

Shingles have less effective seams, so they don’t rank as high for energy efficiency. Plus, they require relatively frequent maintenance.

Clay Tile

Standing Seam Roof Houston

A clay tile roof might look nice, but the repairs can be expensive. The durability offered by metal roofing eliminates this concern.


Wooden shingles are inefficient and generally unappealing to look at. Standing seam metal panels offer a sleek appearance alongside their practical advantages.

What Materials Can Be Used for Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

An important thing to remember about Houston metal roofing is that no two metal roofs are exactly the same. Metal roofing is available in many different varieties, and you can use standing seam construction to install several kinds of metal.


Standing Seam Roof Houston

Aluminum roofing is a great choice for your metal roof and is compatible with standing seam installation. The only drawback is that it can be a bit expensive.


Standing Seam Roof Houston

Standing seam steel roofs are just as sturdy as aluminum, and they tend to be more affordable, making this the choice that most homeowners prefer.

Other Types of Metal

Tin is another commonly used option, but it doesn’t come close to the quality of steel or aluminum.

What Kind of Standing Seam Metal Roofing Services Do We Offer?

No matter what your Houston metal roofing needs are, the experts at TPO Pros have you covered! We offer all kinds of metal roofing services, so your Texas home is always in good hands when we're around.
While not an extensive list of what our Houston roofing company can do for Texas residents, these are some of our most commonly requested metal roofing services.


Standing Seam Roof Houston

Standing seam roofing installation is one of our specialties. If you need a new roof installed using this process, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at TPO Pros.


Standing Seam Roof Houston

Standing seam is durable, so you shouldn’t need repairs. However, we’re repairing roofs is our specialty, no matter the material or style. We’re here to help if your roof experiences any damage.


Not sure what’s wrong with your roof? Our roofing experts will perform a free inspection and give you a free estimate for any necessary services.

Why Choose TPO Pros?

When you have metal roofing needs in Texas, TPO Pros is the only company that you should trust with your property. Only our expert roofing contractors have the skills and extensive experience to produce the high-quality craftsmanship you deserve. Let's take a look at what makes the contractors at TPO Pros better and more reliable than any other roofers in Texas.

Expert Roofers

Standing Seam Roof Houston

There’s no roofing issue our roofing experts can’t handle. No matter what’s wrong with your roof, our roofing contractors have the skill to fix it.

Quality Craftsmanship

Standing Seam Roof Houston

Our level of roofing expertise means high-quality results every time. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results our roofing specialists provide.

Years of Experience

Standing Seam Roof Houston

When you’ve been in the roofing industry this long, there’s no secret you haven’t uncovered. You can always trust our experienced roofing contractors to do the job right.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation

If you need assistance with standing seam roofing for your private home or commercial property, the experienced contractors at TPO Pros are always here to help. Call us today to speak to a representative about your issue, and we can discuss your service options and even provide you with a free estimate!
Standing Seam Roof Houston

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