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Only the highest standards should be used when it comes to roofing, Houston! Out of all roofing materials, one of the best for roof replacement is TPO roofing. This is a top service sought in Houston, TX, and offers a long-lasting solution with a great value.

TPO Pros consist of efficient and skilled contractors in Houston providing quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction at every turn. We’re based in the Houston area, and our team is ready to assist you with TPO roof repair, installation, and more.

We offer flexible financing, commercial roofing services, and more for the Houston community. Contact TPO Pros for a free consultation and estimate on a new roof from a top roofing company in Houston.

What is TPO?

While you're probably familiar with a roof of shingles or metal that you see on residential homes, TPO might be foreign to you. If you have ever seen a bright white top on a building, you have seen a TPO roofing system.
Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply membrane made of ethylene propylene rubber. These single-ply systems are durable, cost-effective, and popular among Houston’s commercial businesses building commercial structures.

Is TPO A Good Roof?

There are many benefits to TPO roofing installation in Houston. Learn more about how a TPO roof installation can help your business, from energy efficiency to saving you money in the long run.


After the upfront installation cost, this investment will translate to cost savings later on. The bright white color is highly reflective, and the single-ply roofing membrane reflects radiation and UV rays. This ultimately lowers the cost of cooling homes or commercial buildings and overall electricity consumption in Houston.

Longevity of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing experts will tell you the average roof should last for 10 to 15 years. A solid TPO roof can keep your building safely covered for 15 to 20 years. With routine inspections and maintenance, you can catch problems early and extend the life of your TPO roofing.

The TPO Pros not only help with TPO roof installations but can also assist with TPO roof repairs. Contact us for a TPO roof inspection of your home or commercial property. With some help from TPO roofing contractors in Houston, TX, you can catch problems, like a ripped seam and quickly provide the repairs your property needs.

Affordable Installation

TPO roofing is made of a single-ply roofing membrane. This membrane consists of multiple layers to provide strength and stiffness in your roof. Since you are only installing one layer, the installation cost will be lower than other roofing materials. When you hire our professional roofers, you'll get the best deal on high-quality materials and labor.

Energy Efficiency

TPO roofing is a quality system that can withstand harmful UV rays resulting from ozone depletion. This resistance helps sustain your commercial building and promotes energy-saving practices. Thermoplastic polyolefin helps reinforce flat-top roofs, which are popular in commercial roofing systems. This functional roofing choice is also energy efficient.

Commercial spaces in Houston are usually large and capable of soaking up resources to maintain coolness in the summer and deflecting heat in the cold. Commercial roofing services that provide specialized surface TPO roofs give you an eco-friendly option. The TPO roofing systems are designed to deflect the Texas sun in the summer while absorbing warmth during colder months.

This translates to a lower electricity bill and extends several resources, like the longevity of your heaters and air conditioners.

Maintenance Program

At TPO Pros, we believe in the quality of our product. This is why every roof of ours comes with a warranty, even if you have one from the manufacturer. Our warranties range from 20 to 30 years, ensuring you are covered for years to come.

Our maintenance program strives to prolong the life of your roof. We know a good roof requires a quality installation and regular maintenance. We provide both so you can address minor issues as they pop up instead of facing a pricey emergency later on.

How Much Should a TPO Roof Cost?

Whether you are considering a residential investment or need a new roof for your commercial property in Houston, TX, you will want to know the cost. Usually, an installation in Houston, TX ranges based on square footage.

However, beyond square footage, other factors will affect the price of your installation. For example, you might find deals in off-season months, or your commercial property is particularly difficult for an installation.

If you want to know what it would cost for your business to get this durable system, call us today and get a free quote. This way, you can plan and budget based on figures specific to you.

How Much Does a Roll of TPO Cost?

TPO roofing is sold in massive sheets that are 20, 12, or 10 feet wide. The sheets are rolled up and taken to a commercial site for sale. The price of a roll varies, but it is not uncommon to see a roll for $400.

TPO Roofing Services

You do not want your roofing company to install your roof and then disappear. You need a quality relationship where you know who to go to for when you need help. Our TPO roofing services extend to help you with replacement, storm damage roof repair, inspections, and maintenance. This helps extend the life of this material that is already has a long-lasting nature. We can also conduct a free inspection to see if there are hidden issues that need addressing.

Professionalism and Customer Service

TPO Pros have provided high-quality services in Houston, TX for over 20 years. Over the past two decades, we have cultivated a reputation of professionalism and service throughout Houston and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on being a high-quality roofing company in the industry.

We provide excellent customer service, from our roof inspection to a free consultation. We typically respond to inquiries in less than 48 hours, so you can get started on your home improvement project on a schedule that works for you. Our team can also assist with insurance claims to help make the roof repair process easier on you.

Quality Supplies on a Timely Schedule

A good roof is built of the best roofing supplies. When you choose services from our team, we guarantee the best TPO roofing products installed by roofing industry experts. We never rush our services if it means sacrificing quality.

Our efficient installation, repair, and diligent communication process are part of our top-notch services. We can help you stick to your budget and timeline with an unparalleled level of quality for your TPO roofing.

Is PVC Roofing Better Than TPO?

Roofs can be made of multiple types of materials. TPO roofs are often compared to PVC roofing. PVC roofs are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is just plastic. Like TPO roofing, this is a single-ply roofing material.

PVC roofs have a lower petroleum and oil percentage than TPO roofing. TPO materials are typically less expensive than PVC and are more resistant to impact, punctures, or tears. PVC is more commonly used on low-slope buildings, while the other is ideal for flat properties.

Both have their benefits, so the best bet is to ask our experts which is best suited for your project.

Free Inspection and Consultation

Our TPO roofing services have you covered, whether you are looking for a residential roof or starting your next commercial roofing project. Talk to one of our experts for a consultation and personalized quote to get started. Just call us at the number provided, and we’ll get you everything you need.

Our consultation will be tailored to your budget and expectations. Our Houston team will offer a range of material options and factor in all costs, down to the daily clean-up, so you know what to expect from our company. We are proud to provide the best roofing services in Houston, TX, and we can’t wait to help you!

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